AP5 AguaPallet Assembly

The drawings and 3D STEP files of the AP5 release of the AguaPallet are available under a Creative Commons license and can be used royalty free for humanitarian purposes.

Creative Commons License
The AguaPallet by Shaun & Moira Craill, LoooP Creative Ltd is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


 AP5 AguaPallet Complete Drawing Pack



Individual assembly drawing files and 3D STEP files can be downloaded from here:

pdf  AguaPallet Assembly Drawing AP5022-00.

  AguaPallet Assembly AP5022-00.


Individual part drawing files and 3D STEP files can be downloaded from here:

AP5001-00 Pallet

pdf  Pallet Drawing AP5001-00.

  Pallet Part AP5001-00.

AP5006-00 Side Rail

pdf  Side Rail Drawing AP5006-00.

  Side Rail Part AP5006-00.

AP5007-00 Lower Handle

pdf  Lower Handle Drawing AP5007-00.

  Lower Handle Part AP5007-00.

AP5008-00 Upper Handle

pdf  Upper Handle Drawing AP5008-00.

  Upper Handle Part AP5008-00.

AP5009-00 Bottom Rail

pdf  Bottom Rail Drawing AP5009-00.

  Bottom Rail Part AP5009-00.

AP5010-00 & AP5013 Axle Sub-Assembly


pdf  Axle Sub-Assembly Drawing AP5010-00 & AP5013-00.

  Axle Part AP5010-00.

  Axle Receiver Part AP50013-00.

AP5011-00 M8 SS304 Nyloc Nut

pdf  M8 SS304 Nyloc Nut Drawing AP5011-00.

  M8 SS304 Nyloc Nut Part AP5011-00.

Accessories AP5012-00 & AP5016-00


pdf  Accessories Drawing AP5012-00 & AP5016-00.

  0.75in BSP Hose Fitting & Tap Part AP5012-00.

  2in BSP Fill Cap Part AP50016-00.

AP5014-00-00 Bike Wheel

pdf  Bike Wheel Drawing AP5014-00.

  Bike Wheel Part AP5014-00.

AP5015-00 0.5in QR Wheelchair Axle

pdf  0.5in QR Wheelchair Axle Drawing AP5015-00.

  0.5in QR Wheelchair Axle Part AP5015-00.

AP5017-00 Front Cam Lever

pdf  Front Cam Lever Drawing AP5017-00.

  Front Cam Lever Part AP5017-00.

AP5018-00 Mid Cam Lever

pdf  Mid Cam Lever Drawing AP5018-00.

  Mid Cam Lever Part AP5018-00.

AP5019-00 Rear Cam Lever

pdf  Rear Cam Lever Drawing AP5019-00.

  Rear Cam Lever Part AP5019-00.

AP5021-00 Upper Handle Clamp

pdf  Upper Handle Clamp Drawing AP5021-00.

  Upper Handle Clamp Part AP5021-00.