AguaPallet – Best Awards Finalist 2017!

We were delighted that the AguaPallet was a finalist in the 2017 New Zealand Best Design Awards under the Public Good Category.  This category is for design projects that are aimed at doing social good, typically for not-for-profits, social enterprises and charities where budgets are restricted or non-existent.

There are often little indicators which let you know in advance if you’ve won anything.  Tuning into breakfast television on the day of the awards usually lets you know who the major winners are.  A former colleague of mine was working on a design project that was featured on TV that morning, and sure enough they won a gold award.

The next indicator is where you’ve been seated and how close to the stage you are.  My former colleague was on table 17, front and centre in front of the stage, 2nd row back.  I was seated at table 96, back row.  The only table further away was table 97.  Damn!

So we kicked back at table 96 with our cocktails playing Alt Group Bingo and we actually had a lot of fun.  These rare moments of celebration are few and far between amongst the grind of making progress without funding or profit motive, so we’ll certainly take them when we can!  Cheers!


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